This is basically a place for me (or anyone else) to give advice and ask for help around the wiki.

Dead LinksEdit

Here's the updated list of dead album links, as well as a proposal.

  1. All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling
  2. Syringe Vagina Disease
  3. To Crown A King
  4. Dat Hairdryer Track
  5. I Love You Anna Karina <3 (Peruvian EP)
  6. Lee Carvalho's Putting Challenge
  7. I'm Based (Thank You Gay God)
  8. A History of FL Studio
  9. Oscar Moreira and Felipe's Exotic Adventure
  10. The Dicklick Brigade Rises
  11. Cum On My Selector
  12. The Revenge of the Great Milenko
  13. A Light 9
  14. >abum bart
  15. Charlie the Cat
  16. Niggerman 4 Mod
  17. Tripfags are fags (featuringafaggot)
  18. Inside the Hairy Amp: The Best of The Dicklick Brigade (Volume 1)
  19. I Just Masturbated
  20. Reroll
  21. Bass from Outer Space
  22. Pictures Of My Dick Which Have Been Sent To Bitches EP
  23. 21 Tons
  24. Welp
  25. The Dicklick Brigade
  26. This Autistic Kid Ruined Our Album EP
  27. anthony fantano
  29. Subjugation of Thought (First Procession)
  30. spurdo :DDD
  31. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the vÿnÿl you want?
  32. Dynamic Range: Live from the Merriweather Post Pavillion
  33. Suffer
  34. ANALPAINED (You Are This Mad)
  35. The Castrated Santa LP
  36. shitting in the shoe
  37. Lel DLB just Died
  38. Dicklick Brigade: The Movie
  39. nigger post pavilion
  40. Night of the DLB: The Best of The Dicklick Brigade (Volume 2)
  41. Cocks and Pixie Sticks
  42. Seriously, do pizza places even offer anchovies anymore?
  43. It's Their Home Not My Home and I'm Welcome No More: The Rocco D'Angelo Story
  44. All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling (Deluxe Remastered Edition)
  45. rerolling for based butts for president Check out these DUBS skrillex remix (deadmouse remix) aka me in charge of dubs
  46. Scriptdubs get
  47. Everyone's Getting Tankled: The PinkleTank Tribute Album
  48. Summer !.Faggot7Aw
  49. Doubles is a way of life

  1. shit
  2. DLB does DLB
  3. I think I'll try to participate in this. Last one I did was Reroll I think?
  4. Mangumloid Blues
  5. Privilege Checked: The Best of The Dicklick Brigade (Volume 3)
  6. I'm not even going t be on this album fuck you
  7. Be A part OF me
  8. Friend of the Animals
  9. 2Spooky Halloween
  10. sigh
  11. A Single From MBV's New Album
  12. Janelle Monae is God
  13. Compilation
  14. Only Available on 4chan Gold
  15. Songs from the Corner of 53rd and Watkins: The Early Years Revisited
  16. A Dicklick Brigade Christmas
  17. Godspeed You! Mac Jones
  18. one minute too early eh malc
  19. Niggerman 5 Mod
  20. Never Try to Put Whole Grapes In Your Wallet (Trust Me, It's Messy)
  21. 69 Love Songs About Fucking Epilogue: Lements of the GFless
  22. The Nobile Idiot
  23. lel DLB just died, pt. 2: malc's triumph over the grocery store of death
  24. Blur are shit
  25. Crave
  26. the cover get pt. 2

I'm gonna suggest just putting all the albums up as torrents, but as sets. Like the first torrent would be everything from "All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling" to "Inside the Hairy Amp: The Best of The Dicklick Brigade (Volume 1)", and then the second torrent would be everything from "I Just Masterbated" to "Night of the DLB: The Best of The Dicklick Brigade (Volume 2)", and so on.  At least then you don't have to worry about these mass DLB-album holocausts.


My goal is to have every album have it's own description, whether serious or jokingly (preferrably a mix of both). If you can't help with anything else, this is probably the easiest thing to do.


I'm taking submissions for color, background,themes, logos, etc. {C {C Just ask and your wish is my command.

Writing tracklistsEdit

If you get fucking sick of manually writing down tracklists, install the Text Tools plugin for Foobar2000[1], drag your album into F2k, select the whole thing, right-click, and go to Utilities>Text Tools>Customize. In the menu that pops up, press Add New and name your new entry "Wiki". In the pattern box, paste this:

# "%title%" - %length%

Now, exit out of the menu, and right click on your album again. Go to Utilities>Text Tools>Copy:Wiki. You now have a wiki compatible tracklist (with lengths) in your clipboard.

I made this cover for our next album:


As requested, here´s the new logos: