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"My beard stores crack for winter"



Real Name

funtano!!myezjwOQEIj or Jake.




Hip-Hop artisté and Ego-maniacal Badass

Instruments Played


Active Since

2012 - Present

Funtano! also known by his full trip: funtano!!myezjwOQEIj is an ego-maniacal badass, hip-hop artisté and frequent collaborator of the experimental 'musician' collective The Dicklick Brigade.

He is perhaps best known for writing the critical and commercial masterpiece: "AKs, Drive-By's and Hustlin': A Nigger gots to rob shit to stay on top, yahnahwhaamsaiyin? I smoke weed 'erry day". The semi-autobiographical book was the 2006 US Best-seller to white people.


Everything you need to know about Funtano! is located in this link:


Funtano! is super-mega internet famous for making the Grammy Nominated [CITATION NEEDED] songs "sp are racist fucks", "oh fuck i forgot about le dlb tonight", and "Time To Clap".

Cal once said of his music, "bretty good edm was fine. novelty condoms such as false advertising of owl of these niggas got me trippin balls"

Implying had this to say of his track on the Halloween album, "The DLB Becomes A Cult is the spookiest"

Dicklick Brigade ContributionsEdit

shit - sp are racist fucks

Doubles Is A Way Of Life - Oh fuck, I almost forgot about le dlb tonight

I think I'll try to participate in this. Last one I did was Reroll I think? - Time To Clap

Mangumloid Blues - We Kick Now, We Ethereal Now, We Hit It Now, We Grippin Now, We Beats Now, We American Now

Be a part OF me - moot case

2Spooky Halloween - The DLB Becomes A Cult

A Single From MBV's New Album - Got Get, Chomp Chomp Hurray

one minute too early eh malc - Le DLB Goes Where None Have Gone Before (An Avant-Garde Tune), Trve Trvp Shvt

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  1. On his 'le' you can clearly see that Neutral Milk Hotel is only his 20th most listened to band. This is quite frankly, unacceptable. If ever our Lord and Saviour Geoff Mangum found this shit out he would slap his shit, yo.