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Geoff Mangum


Geoff Mangum

Real Name

Geoff Mangum




Founder, Primary Antagonist, Whiny bitch

Instruments Played

Vocals, Guitar, Dickwhistle

Active Since


Geoff Mangum is the founder and resident bible-basher of the experimental 'musician' collective The Dicklick Brigade.


Geoff Mangum is a prick. He is also not to be confused with real-life mega-star Jeff Mangum, the inventor of pop-tarts.


He got his start in Holland, 1945 when his semen stained Anne Frank's mountaintops. Then he got all emo and faggy about it and released some really shitty and pretentious solo work. His first solo album "I'm a PRICK, not a POTATOE" released in 1945, sold only 3 copies: 2 of which were to confused Irishmen.

His second album, In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, released via time machine in 1998 from 1945, was a hipster victory for Mangum's ego. Approximately 11 copies were sold.

After the collossal failure of that pursuit, he had a chance meeting with the equally shit Thomas Yorkshire at a Dutch Gay-Club in October 2009. Soon after sucking eachother's dicks to the songs of Frankie Goes To Hollywood they decided it would be a a 'great idea' (read:shit idea) to start a band of all the weirdos, creeps and losers from other bands and backgrounds and make some MUZAK.

The Dicklick Brigade was officially re-created in 2009 (after 64 years of inactivity). Being named after Mangum and Yorkshire's favourite sexual act and the latters love of fire engines. Needless to say, it still took them until 2011 to release an album.

Mangum is also a semi-active member of the crap-tactular 'band' Cease is the worst person alive, although even he acknowledges that that band is shit. They are currently on indefinite hiatus.


Solo Discography[]

  • I'm a PRICK, not a POTATOE (Released 1945, JewGold Records)
  • In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (Released via time machine in 1998 from 1945, JewGold Records)

Dicklick Brigade Contributions[]

Mostly whining.

Oh yeah, a few albums.

See: Discography