It's Their Home Not My Home and I'm Welcome No More: The Rocco D'Angelo Story
The Dicklick Brigade
Released June 9, 2012
Recorded June 9, 2012
Length 42:11
Produced by MalcolmMooney !PU7RvqMA5

It's Their Home Not My Home and I'm Welcome No More: The Rocco D'Angelo Story is the thirty-eighth studio album by The Dicklick Brigade. It is available for download here:


Following a series of bloated double-length releases that received mixed reviews from critics worldwide, group member Sir Thomas Yorkshire IV began to grow weary of touring and recording. A period followed in which Yorkshire fell severely ill, at one point vomiting all over the infamous Hairy Amp , upon which the group had initially built the avant-indie-garde shoegazey textures which populated their earliest recordings. This resulted in complications in the recording process, which affected the length of the next record they produced following Sir Thomas's sickness, Seriously, do pizza places even offer anchovies anymore?.

After receiving the news that review scores for said LP were very positive, bandleader Geoff Mangum suggested the Brigade record an even shorter record, populated with tunes of a radio-friendly length, based around a concept he had been kicking around for the longest time, but had no vehicle with which to carry it. The collective agreed, each member putting their best foot forward and kicking out some sweet-ass poppy-as-fuck summer jams for the whole family, each based on the story of one young Rocco D'Angelo, who overcame severe feels and gained himself a gf. Themes touched upon in the album include thanking Based God, the dangers of getting dubs too often, and the plight of incessant clapping after movies in American society. The album is the first full-length album released by the project since Castrated Santa LP to clock in at under 50 minutes in length.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Enter Rocco DAngelos Crib" - 0:41
  2. "More like: "Beta Battalion", amiright?" - 0:36
  3. "Deakin and Brian for Prom Court (feat Nick Olsen Will Blum, Connor Toth, and Jay Lancaster) 55 YOU WOULDN'T GET IT ITS AN INSIDE JOKE" - 2:51
  4. "Noussaint" - 1:31
  5. "i just want dubs" - 2:08
  6. "sweaty pianist" - 2:33
  7. "Hymns For The Cold Light Of Morning" - 1:13
  8. "Le lel" - 3:10
  9. "Right Thurr Remix ft Jermaine Dupri , Trina" - 0:48
  10. "Someone buy me some extasee plz" - 4:32
  12. "Surfs up baby, its time to go rocknroll" - 1:09
  13. "Thursdaze" - 1:49
  14. "some culture" - 4:42
  15. "pig disgusting american" - 1:06
  16. "Plugin Database" - 2:12
  17. "D-beat" - 1:04
  18. "TYBG" - 1:58
  19. "How To Make Spaghetti The Correct Way-[www_flv2mp3_com]" - 1:20
  20. "Idiotfan" - 1:20
  21. "Glitch House" - 0:34
  22. "tuther" - 2:37
  23. "Anthony the Knead Ul drop" - 1:01