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Jake Gyllenhaal
"Every man goes through a period of thinking they're attracted to another guy"


Jake Gyllenhaal

Real Name

Jake Gyllenhaal




Singer, Songwriter, Resident Hunk

Instruments Played

Vocals, Claps, Jazz Flute

Active Since


Jake Gyllenhaal is a universally renowned Hollywood actor, sexy man-hunk and member of the experimental 'musician' collective The Dicklick Brigade.


Jake is just a really nice guy.

Jake is a Cowboy


Before joining The Dicklick Brigade, Gyllenhaal starred in the 2005 Oscar-winning Ang Lee film, Gay Cowboys Go Bareback Rodeo Oh Yeah XXX.

Gyllenhaal has since gone on to star in several movies, pornos and commercials for breakfast cereal. He has also modelled in the past.

Jake in happier times.

He has twice been nominated by Newsweek as the 'Sexiest Homo in Hollywood', despite repeatedly stating that he is straight.

Dicklick Brigade Contributions[]

Upon joining the band in 2011, Gyllenhaal revealed a hidden talent for performing acapella tracks focusing on his famous genitalia. He also writes and plays Jazz Flute (no homo).

See: Discography


Have you guys seen Source Code? Holy shit that movie is damn good, wow