The Dicklick Brigade (The DLB)
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Years Active

1945 - 2011, 2012 - Present


Loving J. Christ Records

Associated Acts

The Bursumz
The Radio-heads
My Misery the Colour of Dick
The Brutal Penetrators
Cease is the worst person alive

Current Members

Geoff Mangum
Thomas Yorkshire & The Radio-heads
Varg Vikernes
Jake Gyllenhaal


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Le DLB le sub-reddit [1]

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The DLB [2]

The Dicklick Brigade a.k.a. The DLB or DLB, is an elusive, globally based collective of experimental musicians officially formed in Holland, 1945. Since it's inception, the band has included (in some capacity): Geoff Mangum, Thomas Yorkshire & The Radio-heads, Jake Gyllenhaal and Varg Vikernes.

Over their mostly shitty, sometimes brilliant, absurd and frequently controversial career, the band has seen many line-up changes and hiatuses, but overall has remained remakably consistent with their creative vision: "keep on truckin', no matter the roadkill".

Currently in the 'Second Wave' of their existence, the band continues to self-destruct and re-invent itself with every passing fad, feel-induced-breakdown, dubs get and death threat. Despite this turmulent history the band are currently more popular than ever and are have recently celebrated their 50th album anniversary extravaganza / ¡BONANZA!


You can read even more about The Dicklick Brigade here, see: Biography

Current MembersEdit

Geoff Mangum

Thomas Yorkshire (a.k.a. Sir Thomas Yorkshire IV) & The Radio-heads

Jake Gyllenhaal[3] [4]

Varg Vikernes

Nicolas Cage (and his Infinite Wisdom)

Dan Deakin (a.k.a. The DEAK)

Dubs Guy


Past MembersEdit

Not Tyler, the Creator In A Wig

Kevin "Needs More Vacuums" Shields

Charlie the Cat

Kid A-utistic

Frequent CollaboratorsEdit

MalcolmMooney (a.k.a. MalcolmMooneyUltraBasedSwag) (Manager)

Gray Blob


Lilliput Haunt



Unto Cae




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Shitty amp

This isn't actually the 'Hairy Amp'. Why? Because fuck you that's why.

The DLB Official MascotEdit

The Dicklick Brigades' official mascot is the titular Hairy Amp Drooling from their first (and shittiest) LP, All Lights Fucked On The Hairy Amp Drooling.

It has never actually been used by the band in any performance or on any record and is often compared to other useless, money-leeching scum that should just go away such as; Flava Flav, Former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and The Kardashian family.

Although other posers and ballas have tried to burn, convert, brainwash with #YOLO or otherwise defecate upon the Amp, it continues to live a comfortable lifestyle in Thomas Yorkshire's secluded countryside mansion.


Some say they've gone too far...

See: The Dicklick Brigade (Discography)


  1. Despite being listed as a member of the band, Dubs Guy has never actively contributed to any of the music produced by The DLB. He is however, always at the recording sessions and the promotional threads. Band leader Geoff Mangum frequently cites his 'extensive and quite frankly, amazing' talent for 'getting those sweet double digits' as a life-motivator for self-improvement (Mangum has never himself gotten dubs).
  2. Everyone in the frequent collaborators section is weird.