This page lists various Dicklick Brigade (and Dicklick Brigade-associated projets') releases that were either left abandoned, aborted or lost forever due to one reason or another.

Snowy RedEdit

Snowy Red
The Dicklick Brigade
Released  ????
Recorded December 05, 2012
Length  ??:??
Produced by MalcolmMooney !PU7RvqMA5 (anon)

Original thread: [1]

Originally containing material written by the Dicklick Brigade between Rerolling for based butts and Scriptdubs get, it was decided to be recorded and released as an official album without Malcolm's concern (or any of the Dicklick Brigade members, for that matter).

Although the album was compiled by an anonymous person going under the false name of Malcolm Mooney, all the master tapes were lost in a building fire; however unmastered studio recordings of some tracks have managed to surface websharing networks such as Kazaa and Napster.

It is currently unknown whether the album will one day get completed seeing as the fake Malcolm Mooney has since disappeared from the face of the earth and none of the Dicklick Brigade members tend to acknowledge the existence of this album.

The tracks were eventually released as part of Third-rate Beach Boys harmonies.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "fug"
  2. "sweet two more tracks"
  3. "hello, this is anal cunt and we are here to rock"
  4. "Friendship Isn't An Emotion, Fucknuts"
  5. "is this album art" - 3:54
  6. "It's Saturday already?"
  7. "get up and shake your posterior" - 1:24
  8. "The Shape of Vaporwave to Come" - 1:46
  9. "big luigi fan was here"
  10. "Welcome to /mu/. Now get out." - 2:12

I wanked on my cats tombstoneEdit

I wanked on my cats tombstone
Released  ????
Recorded February 04, 2013
Length  ??:??
Produced by UntoCae !nlrfTbwnwY

Original thread: [2]

An unreleased solo album by Dicklick Brigade member UntoCae and his band dicktardwankerjobfacearsecunts. Due to lack of sponsorship from other Dicklick Brigade members and lack of proper motivation, the album was decided to be scrapped and the material recorded for it preserved for future Dicklick Brigade albums.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "ANonymous hackers who took down the superbowl stadium light through ddos"
  2. "Are You Insanity"
  3. "i wuz luv'd 5eva 1nce an it afull"
  4. "m/b/v"
  5. "There has never been a good band starting with The"
  7. "jhklgjbnsdbnsnlkdfjgnz.x,c (Feat. Earl Sweatshirt)"
  8. "the sticky killed my mother and gave me aids"
  9. "Fuck The Police (featuring 初音ミク)"
  10. "o_O"